There are many different paths that people take on their way through higher education. I chose to attend my first two years at my local community college which was known for its engineering program. To be honest, this decision had more to do with cost than it did anything else at the time. Monroe Community College (MCC) promised an accredited engineering program for a portion of what four year schools were asking. However, when I attended, I must say I was a bit surprised by the enthusiasm of the staff. In all of my dealings with different schools since, I have always spoken very highly of the experience I had with the engineering department at MCC. I always felt they put a great emphasis on learning, and enjoying the learning process.


As with many programs, there are always professors who stand out and Professor John Wadach (current Chairperson of Engineering Science and Physics) was certainly one of those professors.

CADimensions recently hired a new intern who was studying engineering at MCC and the topic of John’s classes quickly came up. There are now five of us on staff who have been impacted by John’s instruction.

Derek, Dave P, John, Jim and I; who have all had great experiences with John and the rest of the engineering staff at MCC.

The staff here at CADimensions enjoys working with John and providing his students with the most up to date technology available and we are thrilled to see him get national recognition for his work.

We look forward to continuing our partnership in providing an excellent environment for his students to enjoy learning in the technical field at MCC.

Find the article here at the Democrat and Chronicle.

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