For end users of Connex 1/2/3 and J750, Stratasys has released two new material colors: Vero Cyan and Vero Pure White.

The new Vero Cyan is a major improvement. Below on the left we see the material is much brighter and bluer compared to its predecessor on the right. This change will impact other colors too, such as purple, making them more vibrant.

vero cyanVero White Plus (right) printed with a bone or antique white tint to it, but would never be described as bright or vibrant. The new Vero Pure White (left) definitely does not disappoint.

vero white plus and vero pure white

The Vero Pure White requires a software upgrade that is available only through Stratasys CSE. If you are on a maintenance contract, please contact Stratasys Support to schedule the upgrade.  If you are not on a maintenance contract, you will need to call Stratasys for an upgrade quote. The Vero Cyan does not require an upgrade and will be available soon.

I wish I could say I have insider information as to how long it will take Stratasys to make the two upgraded colors available to all, but we don’t have those details yet.  However, at this time we are happy for the announcement and the continued development of new materials.

vero white plus and vero pure white

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