A few months ago we talked about the partnership between Stratasys and Adobe to help create the next generation of multi-color 3D Printing.

Stratasys and Adobe Team up for Game-Changing Multi-Color 3D Printing

We are now able to see the fruits of this new partnership with the recent announcement of Stratasys Creative Color Software, powered by Adobe. This latest release allows customers with Connex3 systems to be able to print in hundreds of more colors within each color pallet and enables gradient color printing like the images shown below.

Creative Color Software

This new software greatly expands the capabilities for PolyJet systems and will truly allow customers to produce beautiful and unique prototypes like never before with the durability of Stratasys PolyJet materials. I know our team here is excited to test this new software on our Connex3 system in Syracuse!

If you are interested in learning more about how this new software will function and work, watch the video below on this exciting new technology.

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