Many users are creating assemblies that utilize parts created as Weldments, Sheet Metal, or standard part files. Identifying these parts within an assembly which are Sheet Metal or Weldments can be beneficial. SOLIDWORKS Advanced Select allows you to customize the way you select parts in an assembly, making it quick and easy to pick and identify only the parts you want.

Setting Up Advanced Select

In this example, we want to be able to select all Sheet Metal or all Weldment parts within an assembly. To get started, select Advanced Select from the select consolidated menu.


Fill out the parameters to define the search criteria using the drop down menus. The save icon, next to the criteria, allows you to save the criteria for use later on. After hitting the icon, it will disappear until changes are made and then will reappear to save the updates.

assemblies assemblies

Once saved, the Manage Searches tab allows you to identify which searches will be added to your favorites.


Using Advanced Selection Criteria

Favorites are shown in the consolidated menu on the Select icon.


When Sheet Metal criteria is used, it will select all components made using Sheet Metal features in SOLIDWORKS. When Weldments criteria is used, it will select all components made using Weldments features in SOLIDWORKS.


Select Sheet Metal – Select Weldments

This only scratches the surface of what advanced selection criteria can do for you. I urge you to take a look around these menus to enable customization, added criteria, and make selecting components easier for you.


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