For over 30 years, OptiPro has been developing and manufacturing precision optical fabrication machines and metrology systems. During that time, OptiPro has emerged as a global leader in designing and building computer controlled grinding, polishing, and measuring equipment for the precision optics industry.

While successful, OptiPro was constantly faced with the challenge of providing accurate detailed technical documentation for complex machines in a timely manner, while maintaining current resources. OptiPro’s solution to creating these complex documentation packets was to  take each SOLIDWORKS print and create multiple configurations in order to capture the correct image. This task required two full-time employees at 100% utilization, just to  generate their technical documentation. Not only was a large amount of time being spent on this, but the complexity of the documentation was often hard to read and understand.

In 2016, OptiPro made the decision to move forward with SOLIDWORKS Composer to help streamline their technical documentation process. As a result, OptiPro can now make detailed technical illustration, animations, product communication and interactive 3D experiences for their customers.  This allowed for the engineers at OptiPro to become more efficient with their time while also generating more accurate and detailed documentation. “With SOLIDWORKS Composer, we are now able to easily move and explode our assemblies, resulting in a much higher level of clarity in the documentation”, Eric Ulinski says. With the implementation of Composer, both efficiency and accuracy of generated documentation have been improved to the point that OptiPro is expected to see a return on their investment within the first year.

OptiPro now has a dedicated team using SOLIDWORKS Composer on a daily basis in order to generate high-resolution images, exploded views, interactive animation and technical illustrations. Eric concluded that, “A standard 15-page document would normally take at least 4 times longer, before we had Composer.” The software package was able to help OptiPro take the next step forward and become an overall more efficient company.

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