How SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Made Chapin More Efficient cadimensions

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is the solution for Chapin. A designer and manufacturer of lawn and garden products based in Batavia, NY.  Since the company’s birth over 100 year ago, Chapin takes pride in the high quality, versatility, and innovation of their products. Products range from a variety of uses such as lawn and garden sprayers, pest control sprayers, hose-end sprayers, as well as devices for deck maintenance. Additionally, Chapin is the only manufacturer of metal compressed air sprayers that inhibit the possibility of corrosion and rust on the objects such as walls and crevices.


Chapin G390 20-Gallon Lawn Hose End Sprayer cadimensions


Chapin was experiencing difficulty when designers and engineers needed to determine the velocity of a liquid passing through numerous orifices that differed in both shape and size. With their vigilance towards customer needs combined with their commitment to achieving high levels of both quality control and industry standards, Chapin found themselves performing several rounds of trial and error product testing. This method was both lengthy and produced inconsistent results, which failed to meet the company’s need to determine the best product results prior to empirical testing.


SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation: both quick and easy, this software gives users the ability to calculate a liquid or gas’ impact on a product through virtual simulation.


SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a key component in the design stage of Chapin products. It is primarily used to determine flow rates before products move on to testing.
“We use this software to design different fluid systems and paths to measure the flow rates,” Dave Dubiel, director of engineering, said.


After integrating SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation into their manufacturing process, the production speed of Chapin’s devices accelerated. The ability to conduct tests virtually through SOLIDWORKS, rather than conducting countless physical trials for testing, has caused the overall amount of product testing to drop while continuing to meet Chapin’s strict quality control standards.
As a result, Chapin products are reaching the market and consumers faster than before, allowing the company to remain competitive.


SOLIDWORKS increases speed to market SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation runs multiple fluid systems and paths SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation reduces the amount of product testing.

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