Whether you’re looking to prototype a PCB or finalizing the BOM on a production board, the finalization process of verifying that the components used in your design are both available and affordable from your suppliers can be a tedious and potentially error-prone task. You stare at the stack of catalogs from your suppliers in order to research the correct specifications, availability, and pricing, just in order to complete your Bill of Materials. One last call to your trusted component supplier and you find out they do not have enough to support your build, and you head back to your catalog pile. When project deadlines cannot wait, you frantically find an alternate component from an alternate supplier.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Live Supplier Links will allow you to concurrently design and spec out component pricing and availability, giving you a complete BOM with components that are priced correctly and available to purchase.

So let’s take a look!  While in a project, place a symbol, then right click and select Supplier Links…

Select Add to find suppliers for this component…

Symbol information is passed to the keywords for fast and easy search. Selecting Search will query suppliers like Digikey, Newark and Arrow for live supplier data.

After the search concludes, the information provided includes description, supplier and unit price.

Looking through the live data, you will see pricing based upon quantity ordered, as well as how many of these components are available from your supplier. In most results, you will also find a section for documents, which may include both PDFs and links to manufacturer web pages for more technical documentation.

Selecting a supplier using this method has a rippling effect throughout your design. One way in which it is most noticeable is on the BOM. You can see the supplier information is pushed into your BOM. You will have an opportunity to select order quantity throughout this process and this will be reflected in your BOM with unit and subtotal pricing.

Live Supplier Links is an easy to use tool in SOLIDWORKS PCB that gives you the power to finalize your BOM early in the process, with components and suppliers that will not affect your design and manufacturing timelines.

For more information on SOLIDWORKS PCB check out this video:

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