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Here are some SOLIDWORKS tips from our Application Engineers:

1. “To automatically create a plane perpendicular to a 3D curve (or any model edge) that passes through a point on that curve, click the curve near (not on) the endpoint of that curve, then click the sketch command.”

– Dave Murray, Syracuse, NY

2. “Did you know the asterisk symbol, * , next to a document name in the SOLIDWORKS menu bar indicates a change in the document since the last save?”

– Catherine Wagner, Albany, NY

3. “Don’t move the mouse, when available, transparent context sensitive menus will appear near the cursor to accomplish common tasks.”

– Garrett Matheron, Buffalo, NY

4. “You can create a sketch point at the virtual intersection of two entities. CTRL-Select the entities and click Point (Sketch toolbar). To change the appearance of the point, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Virtual Sharps.”

– Lars Christensen, Buffalo, NY

5. “When using sketch entities with more than one entity type like rectangle, hit the “A” key on the keyboard to toggle between the types while the command is active.”

– Kevin Holbrook, Rochester, NY

6. “You can create a duplicate drawing sheet by simply clicking CTRL+Drag on the sheet tab and the bottom of your screen. Just click on the sheet you wish to duplicate, hold control and drag it next to the one you have. This will create another sheet of your drawing identical to the one you have and you can make modifications from there.”

– Jesse Sprague, Rochester, NY

7. “If you are repairing rebuild errors in a part file, start at the top of the tree and work your way down. If you’re replacing or removing external references, start at the bottom of the feature tree and work your way up.”

– Tom DiLaura, Syracuse, NY

8. “Always use certified graphic driver for SOLIDWORKS! Go to Start > SolidWorks 201X > SolidWorks Tools and click on SOLIDWORKS Rx 201X.”

– Sasi Sithambaram, Buffalo, NY

9. “Did you know you can control the rollback bar with the keyboard arrow keys? In Tools > Options > Feature Manager, check ‘Arrow Key Navigation.’”

– Franco Rotoli, Rochester, NY

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