tips and tricks

Here are some SOLIDWORKS tips from our Application Engineers.

1. “If you hit the Tab key while hovering your mouse over a part in an assembly, it will hide the part.”

– Kevin Holbrook, Rochester, NY

2. “Using ‘save as’ will replace references of a virtual component from a Top-Down Assembly and rename them for a normal component.”

– Tom DiLaura, Syracuse, NY

3. “Press ‘R’ to open the Recent Documents screen. Mouse over and ‘pin’ the documents you are currently involved with to quickly open them in the future.”

– Dave Murray, Syracuse, NY

4. “Spline not behaving the way you want? Start over by clicking the spline to ‘Reset All Handles’ in the Property Manager.”

– Catherine Wagner, Albany, NY

5. “If you know what feature you want, bypass starting a new sketch and instead, apply the feature directly to the surface or plane.”

– Garrett Matheron, Buffalo, NY

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