When I mention that I am part of the Simulation Team to my Essentials students or new customers, I inevitably get the same glazed-over look. “Simulation? Like, FEA? Yeah, I’m just a designer.” Or, “We send that sort of thing out.” The purpose of this post is to get you to stop saying things like that!

SOLIDWORKS has been a huge advocate for getting Simulation in the hands of every designer. That’s why it has been easier and more user-friendly with every release. A few years back, they introduced the “Simulation Advisor.” Also known as the “Study Advisor,” this tool is essentially a step-by-step wizard that sets up your simulation.

The Study Advisor is available on the Simulation Toolbar.

Study Advisor Icon

If you have taken any of my Simulation classes, this is the button I tell you to bypass and even remove from the toolbar. But if you haven’t taken training (yet!), and you would like to learn the basics of how Simulation works. This is a great place to start.

Simulation Advisor

Not only does it walk you through the setup, but also has handy links to the help file, tutorials, and online training throughout the wizard.

I’m not going to post every screen in this blog, but as you can see, it asks pointed questions, in simple terms, to help you understand how and why you are running this study.

Simulation Advisor

When the study has finished running and you are happy with the results, the Simulation Advisor will even ask you if you want to perform another study and look for other failure criteria. In this case, Fatigue, Buckling, Dynamics, or Thermal.

So next time someone asks you about SOLIDWORKS Simulation, don’t give the 1000 yard stare. Kick off the Simulation Advisor and be confident that you can start running your own simulations.

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Simulating!

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