When ASA Plastics (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) was first introduced in 2014, we saw its amazing potential as a strong, robust, and UV resistant member of the ABS family. ABS is a material type used in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), one of the pillars of Stratasys printing technology. In 2015, Stratasys has released ASA in a variety of new colors.

ASA colors

Since its introduction, ASA has brought more than just improved strength and durability over ABS, it has delivered a clean new look to printed parts. The matte appearance of ASA parts gives it the best aesthetics of any part printed on a Stratasys FDM system. This distinguishing feature opens up more applications in marketing, proof of concept, prototyping, and most notably, end use parts that are both eye catching and tough. However, in its debut year, ASA was offered only in Black or Ivory.

Stratasys has added to the ASA family by offering eight fresh new colors. This announcement expands the whole family of ASA to a total of ten colors for Fortus users to enjoy. This means that ASA now has the greatest variety of color choices of any Fortus material. The new colors include Red, Blue, Bright Green, Orange, Yellow, White, Light Grey, and Dark Grey. All new colors still share the same attractive matte finish and material properties as before. The introduction of these new ASA colors enable designers and engineers to fully realize their designs in the largest palette of vibrant colors available.

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