What life was like before a boxx computer

What was Going on Before Munot Plastics Chose a Boxx Computer

Munot Plastics was experiencing a drastic productivity issue within their organization. Their engineers’ current system was not very powerful and would often freeze, take an excessively long time to open files, or simply crash constantly. Munot looked at a variety of options for new systems and never really pulled the trigger due to lacking promise of fixing the problem at hand. What gave them the final push was the dedication CADimensions put into finding the right solution designed specifically for the types of applications Munot wanted to be able to do. What was suggested and soon after implemented was the BOXX computer system which was exactly what our customers wanted; it’s a system that is completely designed for CAD users.

“The new BOXX computer system has allowed Kevin [the engineer] to substantially increase his productivity because the system can handle the tasks and projects that he has on his plate.”

Darcy Rees, General Manager
 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) packaging designed with SOLIDWORKS using a Boxx Computer.
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) packaging designed with SOLIDWORKS.

Consolidating Everything to one Place

With the attention to the problems that Munot was facing, Darcy liked the level of service CADimensions provided and decided to not only purchase the BOXX computer system with us, but also to switch all of Munot’s SOLIDWORKS licenses over to us as well so that all their engineering solutions are in one location with great customer service. 

Rees stated, “The CADimensions team was very attentive and provided value that was above and beyond without being overbearing. The staff shared information on trainings, webinars and local events that my guys enjoyed attending. These are valuable and worthwhile, whereas my previous provider was not so forth-coming with these value-added benefits.” CADimensions is continuing its partnership with Munot Plastics, discussing the potential for a new 3D printer with expanded capabilities to help with the creation of a few of Munot’s products, such as thermoplastic molds.

In the end, the engineers are happy and productive as there hasn’t been any system-related down time. Designers appreciate the additional training that is available through their new reseller. CADimensions continues to be a valuable resource with insights for the Munot team regarding new applications and products that will help them continue to grow the business.

“I would definitely recommend CADimensions, no problem whatsoever.”

Darcy Rees

About Monut Plastics

Munot Plastics is a woman-owned and family-run business which started in 1963. With close relationships built to exceed your expectations, Munot’s creative design capabilities are of the highest caliber; if you have an idea, they will make it a reality with an emphasis on quality and a fair market price. Munot Plastics is named after the Munot Castle in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It’s a castle that represents strength, stability and endurance which are the pillars that Munot Plastics stands by. 

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