Mission Statement

Providing our customers with value-added solutions that empower them to impact the world.


To be the premier provider of innovative tools and solutions for the engineering and manufacturing community.

Authorized Logos

Primary Logo White

Primary Logo Black

Primary 4-Color

Primary Gray

Secondary Logo White

Secondary Logo Black

Secondary 4-Shade

Secondary Gray


Minimum Distance (Exclusion Zone)

Horizontal Spacing:

Use the upper left parallelogram’s outer lines to measure the minimum distance to the edge of the image.

Vertical Spacing:

Use the top of the triangular “C” and the lowest point of the lowest parallelogram.

Minimum Size

Using Font to Determine Requirements 

To see if the logo is too big, type an Arial size 12 Regular 
“I.” The D should not be shorter than the letter.  

*Images are not to scale.

Incorrect Logo Uses

Correct Logo

Do Not Change the Spacing

Do Not Change the Font

Do Not Change the Perspective

Do Not Change the Ratio

Do Not Change the Color

Do Not Rotate

Never Place Dark Logo over Dark Image

Never Place Light Logo over Light Image

Color Guide

CADimensions Red

CADimensions Red Color Code: bb203b

CADimensions Orange

CADimensions Orange: d5890f

CADimensions Green

CADimensions Green: 8cd404

CADimensions Turquoise

CADimensions Turquoise: 04d6cd

CADimensions Blue

CADimensions Blue: 6eb1f7

CADimensions Purple

CADimensions Purple: 4d0fd6

CADimensions Light Gray

CADimensions Light Gray: ebecee

CADimensions Medium Gray

CADimensions Medium Gray: cdcbcc

CADimensions Dark Gray

CADimensions Dark Gray: 727375