CADimensions President Named Entrepreneur of the Month

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CADimensions President Named Entrepreneur of the Month

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Pete DiLaura

Growing up, my dad was usually “at work.” I had some vague concept of what this meant, but really struggled to understand what exactly my dad was doing all those hours during the day. In kindergarten, I told my teacher that my dad was a “sailor” since he worked in sales. By 4th grade, my rudimentary understanding had expanded to “my dad works with computers.” I knew this because when we visited him at his office, he had lots of computers (and more importantly, would let me play DOOM off a floppy disk so that he could keep working) and because he always seemed to know how to fix our computer at home.

When I was in 7th grade, during a time I was supposed to be cleaning the CADimensions office - everyone has a job in a family business - I found myself procrastinating by reading about Computer Aided Design and creating SOLIDWORKS models in the training room. It wasn’t until high school that I truly understood that all the pieces of my dad’s “jobs” blended into one term: Entrepreneur (well, with the exception of sailor. He never really did that one). The long hours, the incredible work ethic, the dedication to CADimensions, all made more sense. My dad was an entrepreneur, and cared deeply about everything that entailed.

My dad’s work ethic is unparalleled, and has an effect on everyone who steps through the doors at CADimensions. It certainly has impacted my family, particularly my brother Andrew and myself, who hope to follow in his footsteps someday. The employees at CADimensions follow a culture of living called the CADLIFE (Customer, Attitude, Dedication, Loyalty, Integrity, Family, Employee), which helps set our priorities. I believe that any of our customers who have dealt with Pete understand how deeply he cares about providing the best service possible, his belief in the products we sell, and his pride in his company, CADimensions.

My dad has a number of things he is downright passionate about: His family (both personal and work), CADimensions, the pursuit of the entrepreneurial spirit, his community, and of course, his alma mater, Le Moyne College. And yet, you will never hear Pete brag about any of his successes, particularly as an entrepreneur. That is why it is both humbling and incredibly gratifying to see others distinguish his success and his commitment to those things he is passionate about. Last month, the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College selected Pete as Entrepreneur of the Month. To see my dad recognized for the long hours, the devotion to his work, his deep commitments to his company and community is in a word: Wonderful.

We all know how much this means to Pete, in particular because it came from Le Moyne, an institution that he holds in the highest regard. And while he won’t brag about it, we are happy to do it on his behalf.

We could not be more proud of him and all of his hard work, and we’re thrilled to see him honored in this way. Congratulations, Dad!


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