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We’re engineering consultants with loads of expertise. We’ll run your advanced Simulations like FEA and CFD for you.

We've Got Your Simulation Needs Covered

CADimensions Simulation Services will help you achieve your goals by working hand-in-hand to understand your design and provide the answers you’re looking for. Understanding flaws and issues early in the development cycle reduces downstream trial & error.

We offer a wide range of analysis services utilizing our years of experience and industry-leading Simulation tools and products. Whether you need to analyze the temperature distribution in an electronics assembly, deflection of a beam, or the fill time for a plastic covering, we’ve got you covered. 

How Can Simulation Improve Your Process?​

This video goes over how simulation can help engineers make more intelligent decisions earlier in the design process.
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Step 1: Request a Consultation

Start with giving our engineers an idea of the scope of work you're looking for. You'll work directly with an engineer who can review any data or file sets prior to getting started. If we need an NDA to work together, we'll iron those details out in the consultation.

Step 2: We Run Your Simulation

Our engineers have access to world-class software like SOLIDWORKS and SimuliaWorks which we'll use to execute your simulation. We also use the cloud for computing, which means we're able to deliver results to you in the fastest possible time.

Step 3: Receive and Review the Results

Once you have your dataset returned, we'll review our findings together and work through any concerns or questions about the results. We want you to be comfortable and confident with the data we return to you.

Our Most Popular Services​

Virtual Prototyping or digital testing is more important than ever because it cuts down the design cycle by running your CAD geometry through the benchmark testing without the need to build (and destroy) a physical prototype. Being so tightly tied to the CAD model also allows for changes to model geometry, model layout, material properties, and much more!

Let the CADimensions Simulation Services team work with you to narrow down your model and meet the design requirements for your project, before the first physical prototype. Our team can deliver results in a wide variety of formats, including reports, PowerPoints, images, videos, and whatever else you might need

Structural Simulation​

Do you need to protect against resonance? Maybe your model needs to be rated to withstand an accidental drop? Maintain a tolerance within a certain value?

Let the Simulation Services team at CADimensions help you gain a deeper understanding of your system and provide you the answers you’re looking for.

  • Make Sure your model can withstand all the loading conditions it’s subjected to
  • Make sure your hardware won’t fail
  • See the greatest amount your product might move under load
  • Protect against resonance
  • Ensure you maintain a tolerance within a certain value
  • See if your product will withstand an accidental drop

Flow Simulation

Is my assembly going to overheat? Am I meeting a minimum flow rate requirement? What’s the pressure drop through my components?

Do these problems sound familiar? Let us help you determine all the answers to these pressing questions by leveraging years of industry experience and software know-how.

  • Ensure your assembly won’t overheat
  • Meet minimum flow requirements
  • Optimize placement of cooling elements like fans and heat sinks
  • Make sure your model is producing correct velocities and pressure
  • See the pressure ratings through your system

Plastics Simulation

Is my part going to fill correctly? What’s the cycle time going to be? 1 gate or 2?

These critical questions are better answered sooner rather than later. The CADimensions Simulation Services team can help you answer all of these and more injection molding issues, like warpage and cooling line placement.

Doing all of this analysis before any molds are cut saves both time and money and reduced the overall time to market!

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically less than two weeks from the time the project has begun. Things that might impact this timeline could be project scope, or the size of the project itself. Your CADimensions engineering consultant will do their best to work with you on a timeline that meets your needs.

We will be working with the SOLIDWORKS toolset so SOLIDWORKS file extensions are preferred, however, any 3D CAD file like STEP or IGS will be just fine. 

The final cost for any project will come down to the scope and work involved. Since each project will be unique, your engineering consultant will be able to walk you through the pricing. 

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