3D Experience Webinar

The Future of Product Development with the 3D Experience Works Portfolio

The 3DExperience Works Portfolio of Roles brings exciting and new unifying approaches to your organization from sales, design and manufacturing to marketing and services using cloud technologies that enhance communication and collaboration within your business.

 Join our three-part webinar series as we start to explore the future of product development with 3DExperience Works

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Event 1

Driving the 3D Experience Platform:
The foundation of the future
Tuesday, June 16th @ 10am

All innovative technologies start with a strong base. The 3DExperience Platform provides a cloud-based environment for connecting your organization.

In this session we will discuss how the platform allows us to have interconnected tools creating an environment where we can communicate and share data securely. It will empower your teams to collaborate in real-time from any device, anywhere.

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Event 2

Connecting SOLIDWORKS to 3D Experience Platform:
Taking a step forward
Tuesday, June 23rd @ 10am

SOLIDWORKS is embedded into our design processes and is very powerful, however sometimes we need to have the ability to interact with others outside of our organization or while traveling.

In this session we will show you how we can connect SOLIDWORKS to the 3DExperience Works roles to allow you to manage your data collaboration efforts with anyone anywhere.

Event 3

Next Generation Cloud Based CAD Tools:
Adding versatility and new innovative approaches
Tuesday, June 30th @ 10am

Have you ever found yourself somewhere with no access to your SOLIDWORKS design tools?  On-site with a customer or traveling? Wouldn’t it be nice to know you always had CAD available? X-Design and X-Shape are design applications that will supplement your design process with tools that are accessible anywhere with NO IT overhead.

In this session we will discuss X-Design and X-Shape and identify some of the innovative approaches each use to make product development and design easier than it is today.

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