Why 3D Printed Parts Are Perfect For Custom Equipment

How to Get Low Volume Parts Faster and Cheaper

Innefficient Business​

When an engineer needs a fixture or prototype, it takes at least 4 weeks. If they need it faster, it’s going to mean a bribe to the machinists to get it done on time. There’s always a backlog of jobs that makes process engineers wrestle with one emergency after another. Future product development has slowed to a halt, as all hands are on deck just to tackle the current workload. They’ve tried hiring more people to keep up, but with unemployment at a decade-long low, it is nearly impossible. The backlog of jobs is making customers increasingly more upset. Late delivery penalties are eating away at the bottom line.

High-Efficiency Business​

Uses their production equipment and talented machinsts’ time effectively. Production does not have to pause to make a jig or fixture, and operations run smoothly. The 3D printer that makes fixtures to improve process times means their operation is always improving.

3d printer

Produce Parts Quickly

Make Custom Parts Affordably

How Can I Benefit From 3D Printed Parts?

If you need a one-off or low volume part, chances are you can get it faster and cheaper with 3D printing, compared to machining it in-house or outsourcing. Here are 5 ways 3d printing can be used instead of traditional manufacturing for custom equipment makers.

Download the Custom 3D Printed Equipment Research Guide

Custom equipment manufacturers serve a diverse set of industries. However, custom parts are always difficult to source in a fast and affordable way. When parts can’t be purchased off-the-shelf in relatively small volumes, 3D printing is a great alternative to more traditional methods.

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