Can 3D Printed Heart Tissue Replicate The Properties of Real Tissue?

See Why Nothing Comes Close To The Repeatability And Consistency Between Samples Of 3D Printed Tissue

Why 3D Printed Specimens Are A Beneficial Development Tool

The Digital Anatomy printer can simulate cutting and suturing with higher Repeatability And Consistency compared to organic materials which are critical for compliance-related uses. This makes 3D printed synthetic anatomy a great choice for creating bench models for device testing as well as anatomical models used to simulate procedures for education and training.

Is Synthetic 3D Printed Tissue Up To Par With Real Tissue?

Download The White Paper To See How Closely 3D Printed Tissue Resembled Real Heart Tissue.

PolyJet 3D printing of tissue-mimicking materials: How well can 3D printed synthetic myocardium replicate mechanical properties of organic heart tissue.