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How Can 3D Printing Improve The Prototyping Process?

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Average Saved Per Prototype

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Average Saved Per Prototype Cycle

Average Saved Per Prototype: $1,050

Cost Savings: $52,500

Average Saved Per Prototype Cycle: 84%

How Can Multi-Material, Vivid Color Prototyping Improve Your Prototyping Process?

On average, each stage requires prototypes that cost $1,000 to $1,500 to cover the cost of labor, tooling, painting, hand finishing, machining and color matching. At that rate, one product requiring 50 prototypes during the development cycle could cost almost $75,000. Imagine what the total prototyping cost becomes when multiple products requiring multiple packaging iterations are developed during each cycle.

3D printing gives these leading brands the speed and design freedom to determine successful packaging, fast. More importantly, 3D printing helps top companies get to market quicker than their competitors by eliminating months from the development process.

What Are The Stages of Product Development Prototypes?

Stage 1: Concept Generation

Designers flesh out new ideas and packaging using simple prototypes to help visualize its feasibility.


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Stage 2: Product Engineering

Product engineers determine the concept's technical details such as material and package dimensions using functional prototypes.


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Stage 3: Sampling

Focus groups handle models to help determine viability with potential buyers and validate form and function.


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Stage 4: Testing

Testing occurs to ensure a robust design and to improve on key performance factors.


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Stage 5: Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is determined, which means matching exact pantones, colors, textures and shapes of the overall brand.


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The speed, realism and accuracy of 3D printed models enables companies, once at the middle of the pack, to gain a competitive edge. They now have the ability to iterate and refine designs through lifelike prototypes in hours instead of days for about one-fifth of the cost.