5 steps to kickstart innovation

1 Minute Read: How To Break Innovation Barriers

Are you finding your innovation process has stalled or just not been what it once was? Companies who innovate are leading the pack and pushing the envelope, so check out this quick 1-minute read on 5-steps to restart your mojo!

Product Photography

Are Timelines Preventing You From Getting Good Product Marketing Content?

Production delays hit marketing downstream when delays lead to lack of content to adequately showcase your product. Instead of waiting for physical prototypes or using traditional photography, why not simply with incredible renderings made direct from CAD files?

Internet of Things

Are You Designing With IoT In Mind?

The Internet of Things is pushing companies to incorporate electronics with mechanical design like never before. If you're designing with IoT in mind, there is a special offer from SOLIDWORKS to help reach your goals.


Whether you're just getting started with SOLIDWORKS or you're an old pro, everyone can benefit from learning something new! CADimensions offers in-person training on everything from the basic user interface to advanced simulation studies. Contact us today to find a class near you.

Learn More About SOLIDWORKS

With a dedication to innovation, SOLIDWORKS has been a world-wide leader in design and manufacturing software committed to offering a comprehensive, and integrated product development tool.

Who Is CADimensions?

For close to 30 years CADimensions has been a premier value added reseller in the Northeast. Our mission is to put the right tools in the hands on engineers so they're able to see a reduction in their design, manufacturing and overall operational costs.