3DEXPERIENCE Webinar Series

Courtesy of CADimensions

3DExperience Session 1 | Driving the 3DExperience Platform

All innovative technologies start with a strong base. The 3DExperience Platform provides a cloud-based environment for connecting your organization.

This session is an overview of how the platform allows us to have interconnected tools creating an environment where we can communicate and share data securely. It will empower your teams to collaborate in real-time from any device, anywhere.

How To Connect SOLIDWORKS to 3DExperience | 3DExperience Session 2

Connecting SOLIDWORKS to 3D Experience Platform | 3D Experience Session 2 SOLIDWORKS is embedded into our design processes and is very powerful, however sometimes we need to interact with others outside of our organization while traveling, or when working remotely.

This session shows you how we can connect SOLIDWORKS to the 3DExperience Works roles which allows you to manage your data collaboration efforts with anyone, anywhere.

3D Experience Session 3 - Next Generation Cloud Based CAD Tools

Next-Generation Cloud-Based CAD Tools Adding versatility To The 3DExperience | 3DExperience Session 3

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