3 out of 4 of companies surveyed said their competitors are now using 3D Printing. 93% of those competitors gained a competitive edge because of 3D Printing.*

Give your students the knowledge and experience to help their future company succeed.

3 Reasons Why MethodX by MakerBot is Taking Over College Campuses


› Match design dimensions
› Dimensional accuracy of ±0.2mm


› Up to 2x faster than desktop
3D printers 2
› Seamless printing workflow


› About ⅓ the first-year cost of ownership of
an entry-level industrial 3D printer with no
technician required
› Accelerate your design process and reduce
risk while reclaiming time and money

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An All New Printer

Method by MakerBot is truly revolutionizing the industry. Watch the video to take a tour of the Method and see for yourself what sets it apart.

3 Reasons Why a Stratasys Printer is a Great Choice

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1. Reliability for Years to Come

Stratasys 3D printers have over a 5+ year life span, with most existing Stratasys printers in operation for significantly longer. Stratasys systems are designed for daily utilization with maximum uptime. Other low cost printers require large time investments to get good results and keep the machine running.

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2. Service & Extensive Warranty Programs

Stratasys has a global certified service team available to come on-site to resolve problems. Stratasys printers require very little preventative maintenance and have extensive warranty programs. Other low cost printers rarely have warranty programs and usually only offer email or phone support.

3. Easy to Install and Operate

Designed to be “plug-and-play” machines that are easy to install and operate. Fast and easy material change-out, auto-calibration, and intuitive GrabCAD Print software means anyone can operate a Stratasys 3D printer! Low cost printers require large amounts of experience and tribal knowledge to operate effectively. Users are required to know how to modify dozens of settings to get desired outcomes.

Want to see how simple the installation really is? Watch out installation and first print test video. The entire setup process and calibration only took 30 minutes before the printer was ready to start its first print. 

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There’s a lot of information out there and it’s not easy to know where to start!

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*Survey Citation: Sculpteo – The State of 3D Printing 2019 Edition