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Free up machines and job backlogs by improving fixtures and assembly aids

How to Deal with Increased Raw Material Cost

Innefficient Business​

The United States currently has a worldwide tariff against imported metals. This has caused nearly half of manufacturing companies to cite 'increased raw material cost' as the biggest challenge they’re currently facing. The most pain is caused when expensive metals are used for tooling and fixtures that are necessary for manufacturing, but aren’t a sell-able product. Slow-moving companies have to pass on the added cost to their customers, or suffer reduced margins.

High-Efficiency Business​

A fast-adapting company can see the effects of policy change, and the threat to profitability that it poses. Last year when tariffs began, they started investigating ways to reduce their metal consumption and identified fixtures and tooling as an easy area to start to use less. High performance 3D printing materials became an obvious solution because they are able to withstand daily use on the shop floor, with the added benefit of not interrupting production machinery.

Which one are you?​

Manufacturing companies today face many challenges, but one of the most painful is increased raw material cost. While there are exceptions, most of the time metal fixtures, tooling, and assembly aids can be 3D printed in plastic instead of metal. By using less metal, manufacturers can save money on material, while creating a safer, more effective process.

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