How to Speed Up Iterations While Lowering Prototype Costs overall by 5 Times

Speed Up Time To:

• Prototype Iterations
• Time to Market
• Time of Development

How to Iterate Prototypes

Innefficient Businesses Make Prototypes by Hand

Engineering and Design offices without rapid prototyping primarily rely on skilled model makers to make prototypes or they’re outsourcing them entirely. In this development process, 79% of new products will miss their launch date. High-end prototypes will be expensive to manufacturer and product developers will be at the mercy of their suppliers’ lead times. These prototypes tend to lack realism and leave investors and team members assuming the designer’s intent.

High-Efficiency Businesses Utilize Rapid Prototyping

Engineering and Design offices with rapid prototyping are able to iterate and test ideas overnight. They are able to create prototype models that feel, look, and function just like the final product. Those who use these technologies see on average a 5 times overall cost reduction in creating prototypes. These companies allow their designers to iterate more frequently and bring products to market faster. Their prototypes precisely detail the designer’s intent to all members of the team and future investors.

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Manufacturing companies today face many challenges, but one of the most painful is increased raw material cost. While there are exceptions, most of the time metal fixtures, tooling, and assembly aids can be 3D printed in plastic instead of metal. By using less metal, manufacturers can save money on material, while creating a safer, more effective process.
from concept to product - how in-house 3d printing accelerates innovation written by Adam Fasnacht at CADimensions

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