Is Mismanaged CAD Data Causing You Problems?

IBM estimates that poor data quality is responsible for the US losing over $3 trillion every year.* 
How much is your business losing because of misplaced or mislabeled files?

Who Reviews What?

When changes are made to your CAD files, you need trace-ability to know what change was made, by who, and when. Adequate oversight is a great way to ensure accountability during the review process.

Can't Find That File?

Sometimes a mislabeled file can mean the difference between a 5 minute fix and a 45 minute fix. If you’re not easily able to locate critical files, you’re robbing yourself of the biggest resource, your time!

Automated Workflow

You finish your part file, and now what? Wouldn’t it be great if that kicked off an automated workflow of notifications and approvals? You should be able to control what users have access to what files from a high level.

What is the Difference Between SOLIDWORKS PDM and Manage?


Professional Data Management (PDM) is a tool built to work within your SOLIDWORKS environment. Because the data is stored in a secure, vaulted location, things like permissions settings and revision management can be managed easily.


Manage can help you to consolidate business systems and improve communication and collaboration with Project management, advanced process management, BOM with variations while providing rich feedback in the form of dashboards and reports. The connection with SOLIDWORKS PDM accelerates how the data moves through multiple facets of your organization.

Revision Control

Customize naming conventions and maintain document history with PDM.

Reduce ECO Time

Engineering Change Orders (ECO) can be completed and approved quickly in PDM.

File Search

Quickly find needed data across a range of file types, or multiple data types.

Design & Resue

Reuse existing data to save time and effort. Know where the right file is every time. 


Keep compliant with regulatory bodies with a well maintained database. FDA, ISO 9001, ANSI, and others.

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What Are Your Data Problems?

Getting data to the right people at the right time requires a plan to manage revisions and find appropriate data. Filling the gaps in your data management process can accelerate deadlines and Product quality.

Fill out the form and let CADimensions’ amazing technical team get a better understanding of how we can help your business stay organized and on track with amazing data management tools.