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Combining imaging, ingenuity, research and resolve, your team has modeled something truly amazing. Hold it in your hands without extra steps and stipulations. New features, available only on the Stratasys J750, will change the way you look at 3D printing. Stratasys Polyjet systems are renowned for their incredibly detailed and unique printing properties. 

By combining photopolymer resins, PolyJet 3d printers can create over 500,000 different colors and control part durometer for unmatched realism and feel. Smooth surface finishes make this system the ideal for patterns and molds, and the wide variety of color and durometer controls create the most realistic detailed medical models in the 3D printing world!

Tensile Strength

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Surprisingly strong, Polyjet Vero materials can achieve tensile strength ratings between 50-65 Mpa. This means you can create functional prototypes and test like final products.

Tensile Tear Resistance

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Twist, bend, and flex as many times as you like and our Agilus 30 material will return to its original shape. With excellent elongation at break values and wide variety of shore A values to choose from, Polyjet materials can hold up to the job.

Elongation at Break

Agilus 30 has an elongation at break rating up to 270% meaning you can create highly flexible and repeatable prototypes. Brittle rigid prototypes are a thing of the past with improved flexible Polyjet printing.

Shore Hardness

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Polyjet technology allows users to mix both colors and durometers to create amazing prints. Combining both flexible Agilus 30 and rigid Vero materials allows designers to create models ranging in hardness from Shore A 30 to Shore D 86.

Photorealistic Models

Automatic color mapping: Color comes naturally to the Stratasys J750: neutrals and neons, shadows and highlights, textures and gradients — over 500,000 colors automatically mapped from your design software for photorealistic models. 

Better Workflow

Easy material selection: Load five materials at once for sweeping variety without swapping canisters. Assign any combination of rigid, flexible, transparent or opaque materials and their composites to a single model or assorted tray. Material selection is fast, simple and fun.

Accurate in Every Way.

Create precise threading or crisp tracking codes directly from CAD. With 14-micron layer resolution, the Stratasys J750 lets you see, touch, test and perfect every detail.

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