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Two Applications Working in Perfect Harmony

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A Powerful Combination

Virtually test for all of the parameters below and more with SOLIDWORKS & Simulation!

Simulating real-world stressors and the way they impact your product is crucial to understanding potential failures and design flaws. Combining the capability of advanced simulation with SOLIDWORKS helps you make better products with less physical prototypes. 


Solve part and assembly structural analysis problems for stress, strain, displacements, and factors of safety. These studies test for static loading, linear elastic materials, and small displacement conditions. Static analysis allows you to push your design to its limits before ever going to physical testing.


Solve steady-state and transient thermal problems for parts and assemblies. Thermal studies allow you to investigate temperature gradients from conduction, convection, and radiative conditions. SOLIDWORKS products are tightly integrated, allowing thermal studies to be imported into static studies resulting in thermal stresses.


Fatigue analysis allows you to investigate potential component fatigue failures during the design phase. Ensure your design meets its intended life span and reduce warranty costs by better understanding your designs.

Drop Test

Virtualize a common potential damage scenario with a drop test analysis. Gain insight into shock wave propagation and acceleration data to pinpoint potential areas of failure. Test multiple drop orientations and velocities to minimize expensive physical testing.


Material is expensive and time is hard to come by. Let Optimization do some of the heavy lifting for you. By defining criteria for loads and model dimensions, optimization will determine ideal design parameters based on your goals. This makes Optimization another virtual member of your team.


Frequency analysis allows the visualization of mode shapes and resonant frequencies. Understanding resonant frequencies will ensure your design avoids harmonics that can be detrimental to performance and structural integrity.


Buckling analysis allows you to study the failure modes of a structure due to buckling. Certain geometry may be prone to failure prior to material yield. This module allows you to compare the buckling factor of safety with the factor of safety solved in a static analysis.

Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel – Combine independent loading conditions to determine the overall health of design for pressure vessel geometry.

Motion Analysis

Use an event-based rigid body kinematic and dynamic motion tool to calculate the velocities, accelerations, and movements of an assembly under operational loads where actions and movements are triggered by the location or movement of components.

Trend Tracker

Set a baseline analysis and compare results from future design iterations. Monitor and plot critical design criteria to determine the most impactful design changes.

March 2019 Only! Buy Any SOLIDWORKS Product and get Your Second Item 50% OFF! Fill Out Our Form ABOVE for Details.