Let Us Show You Everything You Can Do With 3D Printing

3D Printing = Additive Manufacturing

Innefficient Business​

When an engineer needs a fixture or prototype, it takes at least 4 weeks. If they need it faster, it’s going to mean a bribe to the machinists to get it done on time. There’s always a backlog of jobs that makes process engineers wrestle with one emergency after another. Future product development has slowed to a halt, as all hands are on deck just to tackle the current workload. They’ve tried hiring more people to keep up, but with unemployment at a decade-long low, it is nearly impossible. The backlog of jobs is making customers increasingly more upset. Late delivery penalties are eating away at the bottom line.

High-Efficiency Business​

Uses their production equipment and talented machinsts’ time effectively. Production does not have to pause to make a jig or fixture, and operations run smoothly. The 3D printer that makes fixtures to improve process times means their operation is always improving.

3d printer

Skilled Machinists

2/3 of manufacturing companies are turning away business because they can't find skilled workers. Don't replace them, substitute them.


Production & shipping delays of 10 days or more are avoidable without hiring new people. 3D printers work around the clock.

5S Aids

Customized work stations improve productivity and employee well-being.

Does this sound familiar?

Nearly 90% of manufacturing companies have a backlog of jobs and a majority schedule their equipment to be running over 91% of available hours. The challenge is to get the most out of your machinery, but the unintended consequence is a backlog of jobs. What’s worse, is that overbooked machines and a huge pileup of work gives zero extra time to make process-improving fixtures and assembly aids.

Download the 3D Printing Research Guide

The various additive manufacturing technologies can be confusing and some of them may not be helpful to you. Download our additive manufacturing guide to better understand the materials, technologies and printers to make the right choice for your organization.