2 Days



Recommended Experience Level

  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials


The SOLIDWORKS Drawings course expands on the 2D drawing topics that are introduced in SOLIDWORKS Essentials. You will learn how to take advantage of more advanced drawing tools while creating drawings of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.

Recommended For

  • For everyone…from the person creating the drawing to the person signing off on it

Course Outline


  • About This Course
  • Windows
  • Use of Color
  • More SOLIDWORKS Training Resources

Lesson 1: Drawing Sheets and Views 

  • Drawing Sheets and Views
  • Sheets and Formats
  • Terminology
  • Drawing Views
  • Sketching in Drawing Views
  • View Settings
  • Centermarks and Centerlines
  • Model Edges in the View

Lesson 2: Dimensions 

  • Dimensions
  • Manipulating Dimensions
  • Dimension Properties

Lesson 3: Annotations 

  • Adding Annotations
  • Annotation Types
  • Blocks

Lesson 4: Assembly Drawing Views 

  • Assembly Drawing Views
  • Creating Views of Assemblies

Lesson 5: Sheet Formats and Templates 

  • Sheet Formats and Templates
  • Drawing Templates
  • Properties in the Template
  • User Defined Properties
  • Customizing a Sheet Format
  • Title Block Fields
  • Updating Sheet Formats

Lesson 6: Bill of Materials and Tables 

  • Creating and Managing a Bill of Materials
  • The Bill of Materials
  • Adding a BOM
  • Modifying the BOM
  • Tabulated Bill of Materials
  • Balloons
  • Design Tables in the Drawing

Lesson 7: Performance and Display Issues 

  • Performance and Display Issues
  • Large Assembly Mode
  • Lightweight Drawings
  • Detached Drawings
  • Display Issues in Drawing Views

Lesson 8: Drawing References and Comparison 

  • Reusing a Drawing File
  • Changing Drawing References
  • Using DrawCompare
  • SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

Appendix A: Preparations for Detailing 

  • Preparations for Detailing
  • Best Practices

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