SOLIDWORKS Skills Development


2 Days



Recommended Experience Level

  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials


SOLIDWORKS takes pride in incorporating customer suggestions and feedback into new releases of the software. The SOLIDWORKS Skills Development course will review what’s changed, show tips that may have been forgotten, and introduce the new tools from recent releases. This course is a review of the content covered in SOLIDWORKS Essentials, for users who were trained on a previous release of SOLIDWORKS.

Recommended For

  • Users trained on older versions of SOLIDWORKS
  • Users that have taken Essentials more than 24 months ago

Course Outline

Interface Overview 

  • Tool Locations
  • Customize Interface
  • Shortcut Use and Customization

Sketching Review and What’s New 

  • Working with Relations
  • Dimension Enhancements
  • Recently Added Sketch Entities

Part Creation 

  • Feature Review and Enhancements
  • Sketching review and What’s New cont.

Additional Features 

  • Patterning Enhancements

Shelling and Ribs 

  • Rib Review
  • Reference Geometry Review and Enhancement
  • Thin Feature Review

Editing and Design Changes 

  • Part Repair and Design Change Review


  • Create Configuration Review and Enhancements
  • Managing Configurations
  • Create and Manage Equations

Creating Drawings 

  • Sheet Format Enhancements
  • View Enhancements
  • Annotation Enhancements

Bottom – Up Assembly Modeling 

  • Mate Accessibility
  • Mate Enhancements
  • Component Visibility and Accessibility
  • Explode Enhancements

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