SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional Training


3 Days



Recommended Experience Level

  • None


You will leave this course with an understanding of what goes into creating a great rendered still image. We will cover the efficiency tools as well as setting up animations and virtual reality renderings in Visualize Pro. If you are ready to create stunning marketing content from your SOLIDWORKS models, this class is for you!

Recommended For

  • Anyone looking to go beyond static images and create photo-realistic rendered videos, interactive content, web content, and more

Course Outline

Day 1
Introduction to Rendering
  • What is rendering and what can it do for us?
Interface Intro
  • Getting acquainted with the interface
SW Appearance Review
  • Recommended workflows
  • SOLIDWORKS appearance application review
Import Settings
  • Recommended workflows
  • Which option should I be using?
  • Strategies for choosing import options
  • Applying appearances in Visualize
  • Manipulating appearances in Visualize
  • Changing scenes
  • Adjusting lighting
  • Strategies for choosing scenes
Day 2
Camera Settings
  • Camera background info
  • Setting up cameras
  • Viewport efficiency tips
  • Applying decals in Visualize
  • Importing decals from SOLIDWORKS
Monitor File
  • Updating file from SOLIDWORKS
  • Handling design changes
Object Manipulation
  • Moving components
  • Strategies for efficient model set up
Output Settings
  • Ensuring a beautiful final result with proper output settings
Day 3
Using Configurations
  • Creating configurations in Visualize
  • Understanding SOLIDWORKS and Visualize terminology
  • Working with the timeline
  • Creating keyframes
  • Strategies for success in rendered animations
Motion Blur
  • Background information
  • Motion blur setup
Presentation Mode
  • Purpose and use cases for presentation mode
Render Queue
  • Setup queue for scheduled rendering
Individual Render Passes
  • Individual passes for post processing applications
Virtual Reality and Panoramic
  • Set up virtual reality and panoramic renders
  • Recommendations on use cases

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