Mold Design Using SOLIDWORKS


2 Days



Recommended Experience Level

  • Advanced Part Modeling


When working with casting or injection molds, it’s important to be able to utilize all of the tools available to engineers in SOLIDWORKS. With proper training, mold makers are able to learn best practices from the start. This class covers the ideal mold making process in SOLIDWORKS including core and cavity creation or punch and die for Tool and Die applications.

Recommended For

  • Engineers or designers making or designing the tool or anyone who needs an understanding of the mold making process.

Course Outline


  • About This Course
  • Using this Book
  • Windows
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics
  • More SOLIDWORKS Training Resources

Lesson 1: Surface Concepts and Imported Geometry 

  • Course Overview
  • Hide/Show Tree Items
  • Accessing Commands
  • Importing Data
  • 3D Model Types
  • Definitions
  • Case Study: Solids vs. Surfaces
  • Creating Solids from Surfaces
  • Decomposing a Solid into Surfaces
  • Additional Surface Concepts
  • Importing and Mold Design
  • File Translations
  • Why Do Imports Fail?
  • SOLIDWORKS Import Options
  • Case Study: Importing a STEP File
  • Comparing Geometry
  • Addressing Translation Errors
  • Case Study: Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry
  • Procedure for Rebuilding Fillets

Lesson 2: Core and Cavity 

  • Core and Cavity Mold Design
  • SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools
  • Case Study: Camera Body
  • Mold Analysis Tools
  • Analyzing Draft on a Model
  • Using the Draft Analysis Tool
  • Draft Analysis Options
  • Adding Draft
  • Scaling the Model
  • Establish the Parting Lines
  • Shut-Off Surfaces
  • Creating the Parting Surface
  • Surface Bodies
  • Creating the Mold Tooling
  • Seeing Inside the Mold
  • Interlocking the Mold Tooling
  • Creating Part and Assembly Files

Lesson 3: Side Cores and Pins 

  • Additional Mold Tooling
  • Case Study: Power Saw Housing
  • Trapped Molding Areas
  • Side Cores
  • Feature Freeze
  • Lifters
  • Core Pins
  • Manual Selection Techniques
  • Case Study: Mixer Base
  • Modifying Shu-Off Surfaces
  • Completing the Tooling

Lesson 4: Advanced Parting Line Options 

  • Case Study: Manual Parting Line
  • Case Study: Splitting a Part

Lesson 5: Creating Custom Surfaces for Mold Design 

  • Surface Modeling for Mold Design
  • Case Study: Drill Bezel
  • Case Study: Router Bottom

Lesson 6: Advanced Surfacing for Mold Design 

  • Surface Modeling for Mold Design
  • The Mixer
  • Case Study: Mixer Rear Housing
  • Case Study: Mixer Handle

Lesson 7: Alternate Methods for Mold Design 

  • Alternate Methods for Mold Design
  • Case Study: Using Combine and Split
  • Creating a Cavity
  • Case Study: Cavity
  • Case Study: Using Surfaces
  • Techniques for Mold Tooling

Lesson 8: Reusable Data 

  • Reusing Data
  • Task Pane
  • SOLIDWORKS Resources
  • Design Library
  • File Explorer
  • Case Study: 3D ContentCentral
  • Library Features
  • Case Study: Create a Library Feature
  • Configurations in Library Features
  • Case Study: Water Line
  • Smart Components

Lesson 9: Completing the Mold Base 

  • Case Study: Mold Base
  • Organizing the Assembly
  • Modifying the Lifters
  • Lifter Motion
  • Ejector Pins
  • Cooling the Mold
  • Making the Drawing
  • Making Changes
  • Completing the Process

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