Using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

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Recommended Experience Level

  • Experience with the SOLIDWORKS file structure and referencing
  • Experience with the Windows operating system


The Using SOLIDWORKS PDM course gives participants the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to successfully use SOLIDWORKS PDM in their day-to-day jobs. This process-based training course utilizes example case studies to illustrate the procedures and processes required to complete PDM tasks.

Recommended For

  • New hires of customers currently using PDM
  • All personnel of customers anticipating implementation of PDM
  • Personnel responsible for internal training and support of PDM users

Perks of On Demand Training

  • Same information as our in person and online training
  • You receive an electronic and hard copy version of the training manual
  • You have 3 months to finish the course
  • Recorded exercises for all lessons
  • A trainer is available to answer questions during office hours
  • You can learn at your own pace

Course Outline


  • About This Course
  • More SOLIDWORKS Training Resources

Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Concepts

  • The Fundamentals of PDM Professional
  • What is SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional?
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Overview
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Modules
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Components

Lesson 2: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional User Interface

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional User Interface
  • Case Study: Exploring SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Lesson 3: Document Creation and Check In

  • Document Creation and Check In
  • Case Study: Checking in Documents
  • Advanced Document Check In
  • Case Study: Checking in Documents with References

Lesson 4: Versioning Files

  • Versioning Files
  • Case Study: Versioning Files

Lesson 5: File References

  • File References
  • Case Study: File References
  • Case Study: Copy File and References
  • Case Study: Move File and References

Lesson 6: Searching

  • Searching SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • Case Study: Search

Lesson 7: Workflow and Notification

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Workflow
  • Case Study: Workflow

Lesson 8: Working in SOLIDWORKS

  • Versioning SOLIDWORKS Files
  • Case Study: Versioning Files
  • Managing Local Cache

Appendix A: Working with Bill of Materials

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Case Study: Modify a Computed BOM
  • Case Study: Create and Modify a Named BOM


BOGO Offer Details:

Purchase of one (1) seat in the above class entitles an additional student from your organization to one (1) seat in the same class during the same time. Offer applies to only on-demand Weldments, Sheet Metal, and Using PDM Standard classes or online Advanced Part, PDM User, Composer, Assembly Modeling, Mold Design, and Plastics classes between 12/1/20 and 12/31/20.


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