Administering SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard


2 Days



Recommended Experience Level

  • Experience with using SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard
  • Experience with the Windows operating systemusing


This Administering SOLIDWORKS PDM course teaches participant how to use all of the administrative functions of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard software. It equips administrators to successfully manage their company’s use of PDM and to support the PDM users in their daily activities.

Recommended For

  • New administrators of an existing PDM Standard implementation
  • Designated administrators of customers anticipating PDM Standard implementation
  • PDM Standard administrators without previous training or needing a refresh / update of admin skills 

Course Outline


  • About This Course
  • More SOLIDWORKS Training Resources

Lesson 1: Installation Planning

  • Planning for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard
  • The Planning Process
  • Training Scenario
  • The Installation Process

Lesson 2: Administration Tool

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Administration Tool
  • Case study: Create a New File Vault
  • Create a Local File Vault View
  • Setup Overview

Lesson 3: Users and Groups

  • Users
  • Case Study: Creating Users
  • Groups
  • Case Study: Create a New Group

Lesson 4: Folder Card Creation

  • Data Cards
  • Anatomy of a Data Card
  • Case Study: Design a Folder Data Card

Lesson 5: File and Search Cards

  • Importing Data Cards
  • Case Study: Design a File Data Card
  • Case Study: Design a Search Data

Lesson 6: Column and Bill of Materials (BOM) Views

  • Columns
  • Case Study: Columns
  • Bill Of Material
  • Case Study: BOM

Lesson 7: Workflow

  • Workflows
  • Case Study: Create New Workflow
  • Revisions
  • Case Study: Create New Revision Schemes
  • Drawing Revision Tables
  • Case Study: CAD Files Revision Scheme

Lesson 8: Notifications and Tasks

  • Notifications
  • Case Study: Assign Notifications
  • Case Study: Convert Task

Lesson 9: Data Migration

  • Migrating Legacy Data
  • Case Study: Data Migration
  • Migrating Revisions

Lesson 10: Vault Backup

  • Backing Up File Vaults

Appendix A: File Types and Settings

  • File Types
  • User Settings

Appendix B: Toolbox Setup

  • Toolbox Setup

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