3 Days




Recommended Experience Level

  • Experience with the SOLIDWORKS design software
  • Experience with the Windows operating system


The goal of this course is to learn how to use SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard software to quickly program individual milled parts and configurations within the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment. You will learn how to define rules with SOLIDWORKS CAM to generate, modify and post process 2.5 axis milling toolpaths used for the machining of SOLIDWORKS part files.

Recommended For

Engineers or shop-floor technicians looking to create tool path programming for their CNC equipment

Course Outline


  • About This Course
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Design Philosophy
  • Using this Book
  • About the Training Files
  • Conventions Used in this Book
  • Windows 10
  • Use of Color
  • Graphics and Graphics Cards
  • More SOLIDWORKS Training Resources
  • Local User Groups

Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS CAM Basics and User Interface

  • SOLIDWORKS CAM User Interface
  • Process Overview
  • Case Study: Generate Toolpaths and NC Code
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM Feature Tree
  • Operation Plans
  • Toolpaths
  • Exercise 1: Generate Toolpaths and NC Code

Lesson 2: Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and Operation Modification

  • Working with Features, Operations and Toolpaths
  • Automatic Feature Recognition
  • Feature Strategy
  • Case Study: Working with Features, Operations and Toolpaths
  • Modifying Operations
  • Modifying Parameters
  • Design Changes
  • Exercise 2: Generate and Modify Toolpaths

Lesson 3: Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR)

  • Interactive Feature Creation
  • Case Study: AFR and IFR Feature Creation
  • 2.5 Axis Features
  • Part Perimeter Feature
  • Mill Part Setup
  • Case Study: IFR 2.5 Axis Feature and Operation Creation
  • Work Coordinate Offsets
  • Selection Filters
  • Case Study: IFR 2.5 Axis Feature Selection Filters
  • Exercise 3: Interactive Feature Creation

Lesson 4: Interactive Operations

  • Interactive 2.5 Axis Mill Operations
  • Case Study: Interactive Operation Creation
  • Case Study: Create Operations
  • Save Operation Plan
  • Case Study: Save Operation Plan
  • Exercise 4: Interactive Operations

Lesson 5: Merging Features and Operations

  • Machining Similar Features
  • Create Group
  • Combine Operations
  • Case Study: Combine Operations
  • Link Operations
  • Case Study: Combine Selected Operations
  • Exercise 5: Combine and Link Operations

Lesson 6: Avoid and Contain Areas

  • Adding Avoid and Contain Areas
  • Case Study: Add Avoid Area
  • Exercise 6: Avoid Areas

Lesson 7: Pattern Features and Mirror Toolpaths

  • Patterning
  • Case Study: Create Linear, Circular and Sketch Driven Patterns
  • Mirror Toolpaths
  • Case Study: Mirror Toolpaths
  • Exercise 7: Pattern and Mirror Toolpaths

Lesson 8:
Advanced Features and Operations

  • Advanced Feature Creation
  • Engrave Feature
  • Case Study: Engrave Feature Creation
  • Curve Feature
  • Case Study: Curve Feature Creation
  • Multi-stepped Hole
  • Case Study: Multi-stepped Hole Machining
  • Tap and Thread Mill Hole Operations
  • Case Study: Tap and Thread Mill
  • Corner Round and Chamfer Machining
  • Case Study: Corner Round and Chamfer Machining
  • Multi Surface Feature
  • Case Study: Multi Surface Feature Creation
  • Exercise 8: Advances Features and Operations
  • Exercise 9: Multi Surface Machining

Lesson 9: Customizing the Technology Database

  • SOLIDWORKS CAM Technology Database (TechDB)
  • User Defined Tool
  • Case Study: User Defined Tool Creation
  • Mill Machine
  • Case Study: TechDB Add Machine
  • Mill Tool
  • Case Study: TechDB Add Tool
  • Tool Crib
  • Strategies
  • Case Study: TechDB Create and Apply Strategy
  • Exercise 10: User Defined Tools
  • Exercise 11: Add Tool to Tool Crib
  • Exercise 12: Customize Technology Database

Appendix A: Considerations for Waterjet, Plasma and Laser Machining

  • Waterjet, Plasma and Laser Machining
  • Case Study: Plasma Workflow

Appendix B:
Tolerance Based Machining

  • Tolerance Based Machining Overview
  • Case Study: Tolerance Based Machining

Course Schedule

07sep(sep 7)8:30 am09(sep 9)4:30 pmSOLIDWORKS CAM Standard - Online September

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