DriveWorks Solo


1 Day


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Recommended Experience Level

  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials
  • Some Microsoft Excel experience


DriveWorks Solo training is intended to give users a hands-on proficiency of DriveWorks Solo.  Upon successful completion of this training, users will be able to drive a SOLIDWORKS part and assembly geometry, create user forms, link forms to captured models, control SOLIDWORKS drawings, and create custom document outputs.  This training ensures users that are new to DriveWorks Solo have the basic skills to start implementing DriveWorks methodologies on their own projects. 

Recommended For

  • Anyone who wants to apply rule-based logic to create and edit parts, assemblies, drawings and quotes

Course Outline

DriveWorks Solo Training Overview

About this Manual

Imagine you design Wooden Doors

Lesson 1

  • Capturing your Models

Lesson 2

  • Project Designer

Lesson 3

  • Building Rules

Lesson 4

  • Improving Your Project

Lesson 5

  • Static Replacement Files

Lesson 6

  • Tables

Lesson 7

  • Form Navigation

Lesson 8

  • Enhancing Your Forms
  • Dynamic Replacement Files

Lesson 9

  • Driving Custom Properties

Lesson 10

  • Documents

Lesson 11

  • Drawings


  • Preparing Your Models for Automation

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