SOLIDWORKS Electrical Advanced


2 Days



Recommended Experience Level

  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
  • Have the SQLite Browser


Electrical Advanced – The goal of this course is to teach users the more advanced topics of SOLIDWORKS Electrical, which may not be covered in the standard training offerings. This training will give users more insight to database relationships; including custom reports, ERP linking, and import/exports of data. Users will also learn specific topics around harnesses, PCBs, and automating designs through Excel. Each section of this class deals with a specific feature of SOLIDWORKS Electrical, in order to provide insight into the various tools that can be used to solve electrical design challenges.

Course Outline


  • About This Course
  • Use of Color
  • More SOLIDWORKS Training Resources

Lesson 1: Line Diagram Harnesses

  • Creating a Harness
  • Stages in the Process
  • Project Harnesses

Lesson 2: Multi Level Terminals and Black Boxes

  • Multi Level Terminal
  • Stages in the Process
  • Terminal Numbering
  • Black Box Circuits

Lesson 3: Library, Classification Management

  • Creating a Library
  • Stages in the Process
  • Library Filters

Lesson 4: Import DXF DWG Files

  • Import DXF DWG Files
  • Stages in the Process
  • File Definition
  • Symbol and Title Block Mapping
  • Convert Attributes
  • Configuration Files
  • Review Results

Lesson 5: Import Manufacturers Parts

  • Import Parts
  • Stages in the Process

Lesson 6: ERP Database Connection

  • ERP Database Connection
  • Stages in the Process
  • ERP Connection
  • Customize User Data
  • ERP Data Flow
  • Update Data

Lesson 7: Export to Import from Excel

  • Import Export to Excel
  • Stages in the Process
  • Excel Export/Import Configuration
  • Export to Excel
  • Import from Excel
  • Replace Data

Lesson 8: Excel Automation

  • Auto Generate Drawings From Excel
  • Stages in the Process
  • Excel Macros and Variables
  • Linking SQL Tables to Excel
  • Inserting Drawings and Types
  • Macros Variables

Lesson 9: Report Creation

  • Reports
  • Lesson Structure
  • Warning
  • Stages in the Process
  • Basic Query
  • Adding Fields
  • Filtering Fields
  • Writing a Complex Query
  • Table Aliases
  • User Data
  • Counter
  • Part Descriptions
  • Can Sum
  • Location Parts
  • Report Query

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