Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Share and Markup Tools


Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Share and Markup Tools


In today’s world with cloud file storage options galore, it can be difficult to find the right tool for the job. The good news is that starting on July 1st, all new SOLIDWORKS CAD users have access to some free tools right inside of SOLIDWORKS to make file sharing and markup easier than ever before!

How to Access SOLIDWORKS Share and Markup Tools

Activating the Share Tool

The share tool that are built into SOLIDWORKS is activated as soon as you load in the 3DExperience add-in (if you’re using a desktop SOLIDWORKS license plus the Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS role) or as soon as you start up SOLIDWORKS (if you’re using the 3DExperience version of SOLIDWORKS). This tool is located in the “Lifecycle and Collaboration” tab in the CommandManager:

Functionality of SOLIDWORKS Share Tool

Controlling File Access

This share tool allows you to create a link and control who has access to the file. It also allows you to choose what file type you’re sharing to make sure you’re not giving away important design information. You can share a neutral file format, a PDF, or a 3DXML file:

And for drawings files, you have the option to share as a PDF, DXF, or DWG file for downstream manufacturing:

Once you’ve chosen what file type you want to share, you can control who has access to the file by entering their email address and choosing whether or not they can comment on the file:

Collaborative Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Share and Markup

Streamlined Collaboration

The person who receives the file link can open up a preview of the file in a web browser, add comments, mark up the file, and do other things like measure all the important dimensions, all without needing a license of SOLIDWORKS! They can contribute to the design process without needing a CAD license.

Fast and Integrated Sharing

Being integrated into the SOLIDWORKS interface also makes sharing files faster than using a 3rd party system like Dropbox or OneDrive. One click on the Share a File icon and you’ve got a link ready to share with whoever might need it. It’s also one less login and password you need to remember since it’s launched within SOLIDWORKS; it’s tied to your 3DExperience ID!

Get out there and give it a try for yourself! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team today.

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