For customers who are using Product Data Management (PDM) to control the flow of information, you would want to consider implementation services to ensure a seamless transition and to properly maintain the integrity of your existing data. Proper implementation will leverage the investment you’ve made in the robust data management system that is SOLIDWORKS PDM to help you realize the fastest return on that investment. You need to make certain your data is controlled, secured and managed in such a way that it’s easy to report on. That’s where our experts come in.

Customers who are new to SOLIDWORKS and Product Data Management who are looking to port over their data from another CAD tool

One of the biggest concerns when making the change to a new CAD platform is answering the question of “what about all this old data that I still need?!” CADimensions’ migration services eliminates this concern by working with your team to thoroughly analyze the data you have and accurately map it to your new data platform, giving you full access and control of all legacy data.

Customers who are already using SOLIDWORKS, but have now made the investment in PDM and want to get up and running as fast as possible

Managing a large storage of data and keeping it secure is incredibly important to the flow of your business and, done right, prevents loss of data and re-works due to mismanagement. CADimensions’ technical experts will work with your team to get you started on the right foot and make sure you’re getting the full benefits of your data management system as quickly as possible.