CADimensions Case Study: Conax Technologies

Who is Conax Technologies?

In 1948, Buffalo Electro-Chemical engineer Maurice W. Connell was approached by friends who were unable to come up with the means to measure temperature in a high-temperature, high-pressure reactor of a very small size.

Connell first developed an idea for a device that, could measure temperature very rapidly in high-temperature, high-pressure environments. His solution—the high-speed thermocouple—was the catalyst for developing a highly-successful, worldwide company that began out of his basement with a $450 investment and has grown to a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Along with adaptations of basic thermocouple technology, Connell designed and marketed a specialty pressure vacuum seal that could be used across many applications. Designed for conductors and probes that enter chamber housings in harsh environments, this sealing technology was a forerunner of the electrical penetration technology and many other seals for high pressure and extreme temperature environments that remain staples of the industry today.

Conax products are highly configurable and customized to meet different application requirements.  A lot of application-specific information is gathered from their customer(s) in order to provide the appropriate solution.  Their processes for gathering and communicating information through different departments involved many different forms and software applications.  Manual entry and transposition of data cost the company time and increased risk of information being lost or entered incorrectly.

Making Sure You Have The Right Tools For The Job

Conax initially invested in a prominent Tier 2 ERP supplier, which was supposed to provide a front-to-back solution to support CRM, PDM, and Order Management functions of their business.  They found that this system uses a 3rd party translator that pushes data from SOLIDWORKS to their PDM system… this was menu driven and manual.  It also was not guaranteed to work with all versions of SOLIDWORKS… and they ran into issues using their current version.  They also determined that this was not flexible enough to support their current process… it forced them to work in a certain way vs. being customizable.

Conax ultimately invested in SOLIDWORKS PDM to support their business operations.  By utilizing PDM’s ability to create custom forms and leverage data entered through each department, they were able to have single points of entry from Sales to Manufacturing.  Bill of Material information is able to be gathered automatically based on parts included in each custom design.

Better Collaborations and Assembly

As a result of implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM, not only is there less time spent on identifying missing data and less risk to transposing data through each point in their development process… there is also a single source of information and better visibility for orders in process to all departments.  Implementing a system that supports the way they work has enabled them to reduce lead times in order fulfillment and meet shipping deadlines more effectively.

This is just one example of how CADimensions products are helping businesses succeed. Interested in experiencing these benefits for yourself? Go to browse our products and get in contact with a sales representative near you.