DriveWorks 12 Just Released

Last month I spent two days at DriveWorks World in Chicago. It was an opportunity to learn more about DriveWorks, as well as hear how DriveWorks customers and employees are using the product to make their lives easier. Hearing from users that have taken advantage of the product well past the basic functionality of driving dimensions inside of models, was inspiring.


I met users that were running website configurators for millions of catalog items (check out Pine Research Instrumentation), or controlling their internal and external documentation flow, and even monitoring employee’s vacation requests using a form on an internal website.

The stories were pretty consistent across everyone- they needed help saving time creating models for their product line. But after digging into the capabilities of the software, they began to use the forms, rules, and specification flows to enhance their business practices. Ultimately, they found a piece of software that takes the pressure off generating models, building quotes and BOMs, and sending customer’s emails away from engineering/sales/marketing teams and allows them to focus on new designs and new business possibilities.

It really opened my eyes to what DriveWorks provides a user: which is full automation and customization of their business needs.

I also got to learn tips and tricks from the DriveWorks tech team and hear the exciting new features of DriveWorks 12, which was released March 24, 2015.

Here are my favorite Enhancements of DriveWorks 12:

1. User Interface updates to add commonly used buttons into the ribbon command manager


2. Model Insight to allow for project debugging


3. Calculation Tables which allow real time calculations to be carried out during a specification-


4. Updates to 3D Preview to make the tool very user friendly.


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