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How To Find Stratasys Service Documents For Every Model

What Are Stratasys Service Documents?

Most of the time after your printer has displayed an error your service technician will request either your printer’s configuration file, CFG, or log files. These Stratasys service documents help your technician get a better idea of what caused the error. The files contain all the printer’s self-checks and a readout of what the printer was doing before and after the error occurred. The files contain no information about the parts being made so you will not have to worry about the security of your IP when providing the technician with the service files.

  1. Do you have an FDM printer or polyjet printer?
    • An FDM example might be:
      • F120, F170, F270 or F370
      • Fortus 380
      • Fortus 450
      • Fortus 900 
      • Dimension 
    • A Polyjet might be:
      • Objet30
      • Objet30 Pro
      • Connex 260, 350 or 500
      • J-750 or J-735
      • J-850, J-826 or J-55
  2. What part processing software are you using?

FDM Printers

If you have an FDM printer your Stratasys service document is the printer’s configuration file. The configuration file is a single .CFG text file. This file is accessed through your part processing software, whether it’s GrabCAD or Catalyst. Follow the below steps for your preferred software.


  1. Go to the printer details page for your machine by selecting the gear icon next to the name of your printer.

Select a Printer page GrabCAD print to find Stratasys Service Documents

2. Go to you printer’s settings by clicking “Settings” on the printer details page.

Printer Details page GrabCAD print when finding Stratasys Service Documents

3. Finally, click on “export printer configuration” at the bottom the settings page and save the file in a known location so you can send it to your service provider.

Printer Settings Page GrabCAD Print wen finding Stratasys Service Documents


  1. Click on the “Printer Services” tab at the top of CatalystEX. 

Printer Services Tab CatalystEX on how to find Stratasys Service Documents

2. Select your printer from the drop-down menu and make sure you have communication with the printer. 

Selecting your printer in CatalystEX when trying to find Stratasys Service Documents

3. Under “Administration”, click Export Configuration and save the file to a known location so you can send it to your service provider.  

Exporting CFG CatalystEX when looking for Stratasys Service Documents

Stratasys Service Documents For Polyjet Printers

If you have a Polyjet printer, your Stratasys service documents are the printer’s log files. The log files contain an ordered history of events of the printer activities. It contains error codes, calibrations, temperatures, and gives your service tech insight on what the printer is doing at the time. The log files are a major tool to assist in diagnosing issues with your printer. 

Polyjet Printers Connected to GrabCAD

Polyjet printers connected to GrabCAD give you the ability to send the printer logs directly to your service technician without actually having to download them to your own computer. GrabCAD will generate an email with a link that your service technician can use to download the log file from the GrabCAD servers.

  1. Go to the printer details page for your machine by selecting the gear icon next to the name of your printer

Polyjet Printer selection  when finding Stratasys Service Documents

2. Click on “Get Printer Support” from the Printer details page.

Polyjet Printer details page when finding Stratasys Service Documents

3. Fill out the Printer support form with your information and your service provider information. Be sure to include a brief description of the problems you’re having so your service provider can accurately troubleshoot the problem. If your unsure of your service provider’s contact information, a list by region can be found here.

Stratasys Service Documents - Get printer support for your Stratasys J55

4. After clicking “Contact Support”, your email application should auto-populate an email that you can send to your service provider.

Auto-populated service email when finding Stratasys Service Documents

If for some reason your email application doesn’t auto-populate an email, GrabCAD will also give you the option to copy the contents of the email and paste it into your email application manually.

What to do if you are having a hard time getting your Stratasys Service Documents from GrabCAD

Polyjet Printers Not Connected to GrabCAD

On polyjet printers not connected to GrabCAD, you can access the log files through the Objet software on the printer’s onboard embedded computer. We recommend using a USB Flash drive to transfer the files from the embedded computer to one that you can send the files from.  

  1. Plug your USB flash drive into the USB port at the back of the printer. 

The backside of an Objet30 from a Stratasys Service Document example

2. Open the Objet software on the embedded computer. 

Objet software on an Objet30

3. Select “Collect Service Data” from the options drop down menu.

Collect Service drop down menu

4. Select “Yes” on the confirmation pop up window that appears.

Confirmation Window

5. A file explorer window will appear with several ZIP folders and other printer files. Transfer the zip file named with the date closest to the date of the issue, most likely the most recently dated folder, over to the flash drive you plugged into the back of the printer. 

Service folder file structure.

6. Safely eject the USB flash drive from the embedded computer and take it to a computer with internet access. 

7. Send the ZIP folder to your service technician via a Dropbox link or other file transfer methods. The folder is likely too big to send via email. 

Congratulations! You Now Have Your Stratasys Service Documents

You have successfully found the configuration or log file for your Stratasys 3D printer. If you haven’t already, send it to your reseller or Stratasys service technician. They will give you specific instructions on where to go from there to get your printer running smoothly. If you have more issues, feel free to reach out to Stratasys 24/7 at: +1-800-801-6491. 

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