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Identify The Features Affecting Rebuild Times

Have you ever wondered why your part is taking more than the expected time to rebuild? With SOLIDWORKS and feature statistics, you can identify the features that are affecting your rebuild times the most.

feature statistics

Opening your part and forcing a rebuild (Ctrl-Q on your keyboard) will force the software to rebuild the tree from the top to the bottom. This will update the statistics for your machine. The EVALUATE tab on the command manager is where you can find “Feature Statistics.” Here, not only will you see the features contributing most to rebuild time, but you will also be able to edit any of those features by right-clicking on them in the feature statistics dialog. It acts just like it would if you were in the feature tree.

So you are probably wondering, what you can do with this information? There are a few approaches to using this data to speed up your part. One thing you could try is to create a configuration that simplifies the part and suppresses the features that affect your rebuild times the most. But if that is not possible in your situation, then try editing the features with high rebuild times and look at some of the feature definition options to see if any of them speed up rebuild. For example, when performing a mirror feature, there is an option for “geometry pattern” that would ignore any end conditions for features and will not solve for them in the mirrored instance. That should take care of it!

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