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NEW Flexible Licensing with SOLIDWORKS 2017

I make many visits to customers and run across a common theme. Their SOLIDWORKS Licensing requirement needs are constantly changing. SOLIDWORKS Engineering teams and startups have one thing in common: they both need to be able to add capabilities and licenses of SOLIDWORKS without long term commitments.  Hopefully the information in this blog will address that need.

SOLIDWORKS has traditionally been sold under the perpetual license model, which includes the initial software purchase and a yearly maintenance fee.  After that, you own that version forever, and can maintain maintenance for access to the latest versions. New in 2017 SOLIDWORKS is the ability to purchase Term licenses.

Term Licenses give you the flexibility and scalability that most customers need. It makes for easier budgeting and estimates on upfront costs. Term Licenses can be purchased in 3 months or 1 year renewable increments. So let’s say you are hiring an intern and know the position is for 3 months. You can now purchase a seat of SOLIDWORKS for that user for 3 months. Included in that term is full technical support and you are treated to the same resources available to perpetual licenses. At the end of the 3 months the seat of SOLIDWORKS shuts off but can be renewed or turned on at a later date to continue service. SOLIDWORKS is offering Term Licensing on the most popular products to start, with a promise of more to follow.

So, if you need flexibility and help controlling costs when your SOLIDWORKS needs fluctuate, or if you need to add SOLIDWORKS and Simulation for just one quick project, then Term Licensing in SOLIDWORKS 2017 will meet your needs. SOLIDWORKS will also continue to offer perpetual licensing for those whose needs are more static. For more information contact your local SOLIDWORKS Sales Rep at CADimensions.

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