MIM & Metal 3D Printing

MIM & Metal 3D Printing


Online Webinar


Thursday, March 26th


Learn how in-office metal 3D printing can transform you operations. Hear from local businesses about how they’ve adopted this technology to save thousands.

The agenda includes:

    • How 3D Printing is Being Used

    • Examples of Practical Applications

    • Hearing from APG on their success with metal 3D printing

The powdered metallurgy industry is ripe for change and 3D printing is here to impact this business now and for the next 100 years.

Metal 3D printing technology has the power to redefine the way companies design and produce metal parts. Advances in metal 3D printing technologies are enabling engineers and designers to make functional prototypes in the office, on-demand and without the need for special facilities or operators. This session explores the latest advances in office metal 3D printing for prototyping and low volume production through real customer applications.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about how a local company in St. Marys is using the Studio System to produce jigs, fixtures, and end-of-arm tooling that help their manufacturing floor operate at full efficiency.

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