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3D Structure Creator


Create manufacturable structure designs with a powerful, intuitive, browser-based solution.

Design frame-like structures from anywhere, using any device. 3D Structure Creator automates the creation and modification of designs made up of structural members and automatically calculates the lengths and quantities of the profiles required. 3D Structure Creator is the ultimate design tool for the frame design. From conceptual design to manufacturing, 3D Structure Creator provides all the tools needed to transform ideas into reality.


  • Improve design productivity by using an interface tailored to 3D structure design; all toolbars, context menus, and features are specific to structure design.
  • Freely create structure members based on any sketch entities, model edges, or curves.
  • Select profiles for a library of standard types and sizes or create your own.
  • Design with unique structure members by creating custom structure section profiles based on a common profile shape or user-defined 2D sketch.
  • Rapidly perform trim operations at corners and endpoints to create precise, manufactural designs.
  • Streamline structure design workflows with automated functionality for adding gussets, end caps, & plates.
  • Automatically generate a cut list based on the design to drive manufacturing.
  • Add detail to structure designs by adding cutouts to structure members.
  • Use split and merge commands to manage members and create manufacturable designs with bent structural tubing.
  • Visualize an accurate representation of your final product with fully customizable graphics, realistic materials, and ambiance environments.
  • Work entirely in a web browser, giving you the freedom to design anytime, anywhere, with no need for installation.


  • An intuitive user experience that makes it easy to translate your ideas into reality.
  • Enable the design of structures without limitation of the model size.
  • Access your content from anywhere via a web browser with an internet connection.
  • Built in collaboration and revision management.

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