Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS


Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS optimizes design work with tasks, issues and change management integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS connects SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enabling enterprise-wide sharing of design data. It helps shorten the time to market with secure collaboration across disciplines and distributed design teams working on a common product structure using SOLIDWORKS. From within the CAD application, designers can save data to the platform, access lifecycle management capabilities, search for components, maintain revision history, manage tasks, access related documents, organize content, and instant message colleagues.


  • Unlock and securely share design data on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform where teams can instantly connect, access, and collaborate from anywhere on any device. Real-time, web-based navigation of the digital mockup enables design contributors to review and compare designs and provide immediate feedback to achieve higher product quality.
  • Work more efficiently with the ability to quickly find reuse and edit design data, access and manage collaborative tasks, and organize content from within the CAD environment. Accessing capabilities directly from within the CAD application preserves existing methods and skills and increases personal productivity.
  • Share design data with other design disciplines and downstream functions and suppliers early in the development process. Create, assign and place issues directly on 3D models to improve communication. Issues revealed early in the design stage are the least costly to resolve.
  • Reduce the process cycles in design through manufacturing by bringing all stakeholders on a project together around a single product definition. Collaboration on a common definition exposes problems and issues earlier in a cycle, shortening the process and eliminating needless iterations to identify and resolve the design issues.
  • Connect the design application to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with an automated installation of the CAD connector on the user’s desktop enables quick deployment. A user is immediately assigned a platform role and login credentials.


  • Real-time, safe concurrent design across distributed teams using SOLIDWORKS as well as other CAD tools to build the full product definition
  • Leverage additional 3DEXPERIENCE roles and apps to converge SOLIDWORKS designs along with other design models on products that require multi-system product definitions
  • Share SOLIDWORKS designs with the extended enterprise using a browser available on any device from anywhere at any time
  • Optimizes the design work with an immersive development experience including tasks, issues, change management, maturity, and revisions
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders in the company on the multidiscipline and multi-CAD product definition
  • Enables downstream usage of the vast 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio of applications

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