Collaborative Industry Innovator (CII)


Collaborate across product development disciplines with full flexibility and traceability to define and deliver innovative products.

Collaborative Industry Innovator is the cornerstone application for organizing, managing, and collaborating on content in a secure manner. It brings continuity to business processes and enhances the ability to make informed decisions by leveraging real-time data.

Collaborative Industry Innovator includes the ability to store, share and manage content including technical documentation, search and find relevant data and information for reuse, navigate through a product structure in a web-browser, easily view and compare 3D content, and readily organize, fine-tune, share and access work using tasks.

Collaborative Industry Innovator enables multi-CAD applications to contribute directly to a single product definition eliminating the need to independently manage and combine separate, partial product structures.


Collaborate Effectively

Securely access, share and manage documents and data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Enhance collaboration with a single source of information available anytime and accessible by team members located anywhere. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office enables everyone, including non-technical team members, to work in a familiar environment.

Enable Concurrent Design

Manage the product structure as data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform so designers can work in parallel. Designers have instant access to updates made by other contributors working in their CAD or multi-disciplinary applications. This enables real-time concurrent design, resulting in enhanced decision-making and faster design maturity.

Decrease Errors

Access lifecycle capabilities directly from within the CAD application. Lifecycle management helps ensure cross-functional teams are always working with the most up-to-date version of the design and related data to reduce the likelihood of errors. Stakeholders receive notifications when designers promote their work to the next level of maturity.

Reduce Rework and Delays

Easily classify and search for parts that meet requirements in standard or company part libraries. Quickly identify components for review or modification using cross highlighting between a tabular and graphical view. Accurate identification of components for updates to the product structure or design reduces rework and delays. Reuse existing parts to save time, lower costs, and advance product quality.

Stay Organized

Intuitively organize, view, and track individual and shared tasks from creation through completion. Readily access task information including who is responsible, delivery date, and relevant content. Maintain real-time visibility into task status in a dashboard to ensure projects advance according to defined milestones.


  • Efficient and secure collaboration for developing innovative products and experiences.
  • Accessible product data and lifecycle management capabilities within the CAD application or Microsoft Office.
  • Single, unified product structure for concurrent design across disciplines and CAD applications.
  • Advanced product structure navigation and filtering including specific product configurations – all from a web browser.
  • Browser-based 3D visualization and geometric analysis tools for 3D comparison, measurements, and sectioning

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