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Lean Team Player


Establishing a Lean organizational culture can have positive impacts on daily tasks, employee engagement, and problem resolutions.

The Lean Team Player role leverages an interactive and modern digital environment to make team meetings more effective. By using the 3DLean app, managers and team leaders can digitize their lean meetings and utilize 3D content to enrich their meetings and help team members better visualize their tasks for the day.


  • Simplify live team interactions.
  • Empower teams to work autonomously.
  • Capture team knowledge and know-how.
  • Visualize 3D content and data.
  • Enable real-time decisions and actions.
  • Make ‘Lean thinking’ a standard part of business, teams, and culture.
  • Easy to deploy Widget-based tool.


  • Enables Managers to easily and efficiently organize each day’s operational plan and communicate it in standup meetings. They can create a template to design the content and use it to consistently communicate critical KPIs to the team.
  • Makes it simple for the Managers to assign Team Members to specific tasks. Users can also assemble and display all relevant KPIs coming from the MES system. These include goals, activities, performance, safety, quality, cost, and delivery.
  • Team Members can propose or react to ideas by creating and posting “Sticky Notes”. They can also draw sketches and create annotations. Issues or tasks can be assigned to a team or an individual and tracked to resolution.
  • Using large touch screens or virtually on the cloud, Team Members can visualize performance metrics and easily interact with stakeholders and decision-makers by making annotations, attaching “Sticky Notes”, and drawing sketches. Animate efficient operational meetings and foster collaboration between team members.


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