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A picture is worth a thousand words, but there can be many hurdles to get over before photographing one of your designs. What if your product isn’t ready to be photographed? What if you don’t have a studio? What if the components are too large to be easily photographed? How much gear, setup, and expertise will be involved in capturing your product?

You may be surprised to find out how many big brands have turned to photorealistic renderings of their designs to solve these issues. CADimensions has some of the industry’s leading authorities when it comes to rendering CAD data. Take advantage of our award-winning staff, and give your product the flair it needs to get noticed!

Rendered Stills

Single images are a great way to get into rendering. Think of these as direct replacements for product photography. As soon as the model is complete, marketing efforts can begin. You’ve invested considerable amounts of resources in building your CAD models. Let it pay you back by using it for more than just storing your IP. Send us your CAD model and we’ll turn it into photo-quality images for use on the web, brochures, and more.

Rendered Animations

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? We say “priceless”! Animations have a way of explaining a product or process more efficiently than anything else. Rendered videos are one of our specialties!

Interactive Website Content

These days, getting noticed is all about your online presence. Many of our customer’s first contact with us is through our website. Make sure that the first impression is lasting with interactive product renderings. These photorealistic renderings give your customer or prospect the ability to get up close and personal with your product before it even gets in their hands. This offering is one of our best “bang for buck” options when it comes to graphics and can save you tens of thousands of dollars over other similar methods!

Click Here to see an example of our interactive website content.

Presentation Content

First impressions can be everything. Whether it is prepping CAD data for a PowerPoint presentation, documents for print, or content for the web, our staff can make sure your product is unforgettable! This content is great for product proposals, inner-departmental meetings, start-up products, or anything needing to be shared with an audience!


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